Terms of Service

 On syniz.com everyone can create a free profile and post as many jobs as he/she likes. A Seller may post the same job only once. Duplicated or very similar jobs will be deleted.

Sellers may not accept payments from Syniz buyers outside of Syniz (directly through a Seller’s PayPal or any other service). Seller’s and buyer’s identities are always anonymous. To protect our user’s anonymity, requesting any personal contact details is not allowed. Posting of adult, illegal, copyright protected, violent, nonsense or other improper material on the site is strictly prohibited!

Content on the site is moderated. If users jobs, description, messages, suggestions, and posts etc. will found any kind of prohibited content can be a cause to get their accounts blocked permanently.

90% of the collected funds will be disbursed to the Seller and other 10% will be the service charges to the Syniz marketplace.

You are responsible for scanning all transferred files for viruses and malware. Syniz will not be responsible for any kind of damages if caused by infected files.

You can access all communications and files that are related to an order from the private message box (with your email addresses or URLs).

Make sure your job could describe all the details like what to deliver as final delivery and how to use requirements, specifications etc. about the work you will provide done and also indicate amounts, durations, file formats etc.

Buyers Ordering Jobs

Buyers Pay : Zero Percent! There are no fees charged to buyers.

We support a large number of currencies for payment for your convenience. After payment has cleared, the Seller will be notified about the service and start working. A Buyer will be notified about cahnged order status by email.
Buyers and Sellers may at any time mutually cancel the order without a negative effect on the Seller’s rating. If for any reason your order gets rejected, your amount will be placed in your Syniz balance and will be available to you for purchasing other jobs on Syniz. Any funds you may have in your balance will automatically be used on your next purchase (no need to go through the payment process again).

Do not request or provide emails to users on the site. Buyers must not offer sellers with payments or transactions conducted outside of Syniz with the sellers requirement and their satisfaction and to product jobs and services and can’t offer the money outside and define the jobs and protect your savings and money to the products and define all the work for the topic and services(buyers may not offer sellers to use PayPal, Payza etc.).

Withdrawing Funds

Funds can be withdrawn to a Paypal(currently supporting), Payza, Payoneer, Bank account. Syniz supports daily withdrawal request. Means no waiting period for your payments. To request a withdrawal, log-in to your account; click on Payments -> Withdraw Money -> Withdraw button and you will see payment notification in your Paypal, Payza, Payoneer, Bank account on same day. To be eligible for withdrawal, you must have a minimum balance of $4.
Withdrawals are final and cannot be undone. Please make sure to use your valid and current Paypal, Payza, Payoneer. We will not be able to refund or change this process once it has started and moved to Paypal, Payza, Payoneer, Bank‘s hands.

The only way to withdraw funds is through Paypal, Payza, Payoneer, Bank. There is no alternative payment method.

Ownership and Limitations

Users agree that unless they explicitly indicate otherwise, the content users voluntarily create/upload to Syniz, including job texts, photos, videos, usernames, user photos, user videos and any other information may be used by Syniz for marketing and/or other purposes.

We wish to remind that Syniz content is based on User Generated Content (UGC). Syniz does not check user uploaded/created content for violations of copyrights, trademarks or other rights. We invite everyone to report suspected violations together with proof of ownership. Content that has been reported and that has been found guilty of violating these terms will be removed.

By offering a service, the Seller asserts that it has sufficient permission to provide, sell or resell the service that they offer on Syniz.

General Terms

Spammers will be permanently blocked and banned!

In the case of a dispute with a Seller, you should use Syniz internal dispute resolution.

If a Buyer/Seller has a dispute which they fail to resolve, please open a support ticket.

Buyers cannot issue a refund in PayPal, if done so, it may lead to the buyer’s PayPal account suspension.

A Buyer cannot open a dispute through PayPal. Doing this can result in account suspension. This page will be given to PayPal as proof that you are agreed not to open a dispute.

When a buyer is refunded for a canceled job, he/she can only receive money back via his/her Syniz account and can-not get his/her money back through Paypal, Payza, Payoneer, Bank.

Syniz reserve the right to put any account on hold or permanently cancel accounts due to misbehavior. We have the right to remove/edit your job at any time (with or without reason).

Late Delivery

If a Seller is late and has provided no communication, we encourage Buyers to cancel the order as soon as possible.

Fraudulent Buyers

We try to protect Sellers from fraudulent Buyers by using a variety of fraud detection methods. Some fraud still occurs. When a fraudulent Buyer issues a chargeback, unauthorized charge, bank reclaim or any other method which removes his/her funds from our account, we can no longer issue payments to the Seller. The order is cancelled and an email notice will be sent to the Seller regarding the reason for cancellation. We do not compensate Sellers for time and/or money involved, especially those that outsource to other parties. Fraudulent Buyers will be banned without warning. Any attempt to reclaim funds without requesting a refund directly via Syniz helpdesk ticket will cause your account to become restricted. This includes Paypal Disputes, Chargebacks, Unauthorized Charges or Credit Card Reclaim, and so forth.


syniz.com is simply a hub for Buyers and Sellers to meet. syniz.com cannot be held responsible for copyright issues or disputes made about the job. By submitting any job, Sellers take full responsibility and liability for themselves to deal with the copyright claims.


We encourage our Buyers and Sellers to resolve any issues between themselves. If for any reason this fails, you can contact us.